Visualisation – the secret to success

At a previous staff briefings,  I explained how much emphasis we need to put on the concept of strong visualisation applied at work. It’s human nature to be good at this, yet for some reason we don’t always apply our talents well at work. This really will help your career (through achieving better results) and definitely help the company.

Why is it a natural ability?

Can you imagine our early ancestors? What would have happened if the men of the village decided to go out hunting without first ‘visualising’ in their minds all of the steps required to succeed. What would have happened if they tracked a the herd of Antelope and then realised nobody had bought the spears? Or, how would they capture an animal … just charge at random and hope to catch something? NO, surely they would have sat down around the fire and worked out a plan before they left by visualising every single detail – who would do what, when and how. They planned every single detail in their heads BEFORE they set out to do anything.

How does it fit in our business?

The ‘picture’ attached is what I use to explain how to connect Thinking and VISUALISATION to making better business results.

Start at the top of the circle  (click to enlarge) Thinking to visualisation

#1 THINK and follow the arrows and go to the right … It’s actually a very simple idea. But as usual, the devil is in the detail. In this case the problem is simply ‘doing it’. Many people jump straight to DOING or at best go to the DETAIL level (templates?) but have not thought many/any of their ideas through.

Bonus presentation – download here Visualisation for the business


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